Wood Tone Palm Grip for Right Hand


Very few unisex canes can get their presentation right, i.e. appealing to all the genders. However, the Wood Tone Palm Grip cane does this with amazing ease. You get a classic hardwood construction where the handle and the shaft seem to have very identical presentation. Look a bit closer and you realize that the handle is made of lightweight acrylic and offers an easy to hold palm grip.

The shaft is made of solid hardwood ensuring that the cane can easily support people across a wider range of body weight. The presence of the brass right creates the perfect contrast, ensuring the Wood Tone Palm Grip walking cane looks fashionable along with being sturdy.

We believe one knowledgeable customer is better than two shoppers clueless about what makes our canes special this is why we have interesting reading resources that can help you first, understand and then choose buy walking canes. Tip is 8-0398-08

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