Classy Walking Cane in Snakewood


Snakeskin is regarded as the most extreme yet desirable texture and color preference in the niche of apparels and fashion accessories like bags and belts but now, you get to own the exclusive Snakewood Walking Cane! The texture is unlike the reptilian traits of snakeskin creations. Instead, the snake-inspired presentation has been curated for wooden textures. The result is outstanding this unisex cane with a dark scorched shaft grabs attention. It is an outright showstopper. The derby handle owns the snakeskin finishing done in a brilliant shade of brown. You can easily get the length customized between 29 inches and 36 inches. The shaft wears a slim golden band that creates a lovable contrast with the unique brown coloration. Here, you get the assurance of buying from a credible online retailer of walking canes with a global reputation. 

Snakewood is also known as Letterwood or Amourette. Snakewood is called so because of its snake skin like pattern. An extremely dense and rare wood due to growth rate and its small size. Considered to be the most expensive exotic wood available.

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