Smart Cane in Burgundy


Burgundy is a difficult shade to handle, particularly when you are in the niche of premium walking canes but the Smart Cane in Burgundy does this with amazing ease. Too dark and the burgundy hue can eclipse the wooden traits of the cane. Too light and the hue seems like an indecisive, afterthought. The Smart Cane in Burgundy uses a brilliant shade of burgundy that complements the raw wooden aura of the cane and lends dollops of elegance to an otherwise simple construction. The derby style handle is the perfect match for this wooden cane and it provides a great grip. Coming in a standard length of 36 inches, you can also get the Smart Cane in Burgundy cut to your preferred length. With its sleek, yet attractive design, this is the perfect walking cane to gift to someone who looks upon canes as a fashion accessory and not just another walking aid.

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