Rosewood Knob Handle with Black Shaft


Getting that perfect Sherlock look is not easy but now, you can come close to it, real close with the Rosewood Knob Handle with Black Shaftthe perfect way to create your own Sherlock Holmes ensemble! The wooden shaft has been painted in an intense shade of black to make this cane look sleek. The smooth bamboo finish of the cane is sure to impress you with its subtle luster. Also, the classic Rosewood knob makes the cane stand apart from the regular crowd of canes with standard handle options. This cane has been imported from the highlands of Scotland and measure around 36-inches long. The rubber ferule at the end of the tip of the shaft provides enhanced support to the user. This cane is not just a mere walking aid but also a classic piece of accessory that can accentuate the aura of your everyday routine. Besides, if you are searching for a unique gift for your friends and relatives, then you must give to the Black Shaft Rosewood Handle canean exquisite cane that commands a second look!

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