Ladies Pink Ribbon


Being a ladys walking can be very demanding, considering that women want every aspect of the cane to be perfect, including the colorcontrary to this norm, the Ladies Melbourne Pink Ribbon Cane has been able to engage and impress womanly rather easily! The secret lies in using a smartly chosen combination of hues. The shaft is in a slightly dark shade of pink without being overbearing. This is consciously done to ensure that the cane can be included as a part of the wardrobe ensemble. The derby handle ensures that the cane adheres to the definition of a classic walking cane. The more visually engaging bit is the gold toned band. This creates a beautiful contrast with the pink shade, ensuring that the Melbourne Pink Ribbon Cane engages attention of onlookers in the first glance. You can customize the standard length of 36 inches if needed shorter. You get this cane with a tip #8-0398-08. If you plan to impress upon a lady with a thoughtful gift that is unique, unlike predictable options like flowers, invest in this cane and keep your fingers crossed!

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