Men's Triple Wound Folding-Ultra Light Carbon

Compact canes are the most preferred option in the niche of stylish walking canes. The Men's Triple Wound Folding-Ultra Light Carbon is the epitome of easy-to-fold & store walking canes. It has a sturdy shaft made of carbon fiber. Its length can be easily adjusted from 33 inches to 37 inches. The aesthetics gain from the use of a Derby Handle that ensures a firm grip at all times besides providing support to the palm and wrist. An exclusively light cane, it is tipped with rubber supports for additional grip, making it safer for you to walk on uneven or wet surfaces. The stunning Black Finish adds to the overall classy appeal. The Men's Triple Wound Folding Ultra Light Wound Folding Cane can be your trusted companion for those impromptu strolls and a perfect accessory when you want to make a stylistic impression!


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