Men's Triple Wound Design - Ultra Light Carbon

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Walking canes are getting lighter with the arrival of innovative, lighter constructional materials. Lightweight and dependable, the Men's Triple Wound Design Ultra Light Carbon is the unanimous choice for those who are looking for easy to grip and effortless to handle walking canes. It is made of carbon fiber and weighs even less than a pound! It features a black soft touch Derby style handle for proper support and maximum comfort. The shaft has a tapered design and sports a checker style band. It has a walking height of 36 inches, but it can be easily cut down to match your requirements. The rubber supports at the tip of the cane provide better traction. Well groomed with a sober sense of style, this Men's Triple Wound Design walking cane can easily complement your wardrobe selection for the day. Replacement tip is HC8039808.  300 lbs. weight support

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