Men's Derby Hook Shape Walnut


If you are looking for a cane without being too sure which option will suit you the best, try Derby Canesknown for their ageless sense of fashion. The sophisticated Men's Derby Hook Shape Walnut Cane can be a useful part of any wardrobe ensemble. The popular nylon derby hook style handle is designed to conform to your palm, and well recognized as a medically appropriate cane handle. The sturdy 7/8 inch diameter shaft of this cane is made of ash wood, which has been sanded and polished to give a pristine shine. The brass collar adds a bit of flair, and gives a more sophisticated look to your stick. Measuring 36 inches long, this ash wood cane with steel reinforced rubber tip is open to customization to meet user size requirements. This cane for men has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. It is available in black and walnut finish. tip #8-0399-08.

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