Mallard Shoe Horn


Make a statement with this progressively styled Mallard Shoe Horn. Blending the dynamics of a traditional, wooden walking stick with the practicality of a shoehorn, the Mallard Shoe Horn flaunts an unusual design. The unassuming construction takes away your attention from the fact that it takes cues from animal-themed walking canes. The wooden shaft lends solidity to the all-season Mallard Shoe Hornperfect for folks who regularly struggle with their footwear. At 29-inches tall, the Mallard Shoe Horn does the job of a balancing/postural aid that is vital at the time of adjusting the feet into a shoe. This is particularly relevant to people with serious medical conditions where the bodys inherent balancing capability is compromised. To ensure that it doesnt fall short on the style front, the Mallard Shoe Horn uses gold-toned accent bands at the neck and waist along with a collar chain for maximum stowage. The handle has been designed as a mallard duckbathed in brown wood color shaft. Capable of being used as a fashion accessory or a functional gift, this grip-friendly shoehorn can be a permanent part of your dressing room ensemble.

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