Shoehorn Ring


Use it to make your everyday chores a tad bit easier or present it to someone who regularly struggles with putting on the footwearyou just cannot go wrong with the multi-dimensional Shoehorn Ring! Featuring a uniquely designed shoehorn and a designer ring handle, the Shoehorn Ring comes close to mimicking a walking stick. This distinct, longer-than-usual shoehorn measures 22 inches in length. It is ideal for those with severe spinal problems or injuries and those who cannot maintain normal body posture. Manufactured by leading manufacturers in the niche of walking canes and accessories in Italy, this Shoehorn Ring uses high-quality materials. The construction is simple. It uses a wooden shaft with a ring handle. This gives the user easy control when using the shoehorn. The easy suspension ensures easy maneuvering of the shoehorn. To add a bit of style, some gold-toned accent bands have been added at both ends of the brown colored wooden shaft.

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