Maple Shoe Horn


Designed for seamlessly blending style and practical usage, the Maple Shoe Horn can be the perfect gifting item for someone who finds it difficult to bend. This is essentially a long-handled shoehorn, perfect for folks who struggle to put on their footwear. Handmade in Italy by renowned manufacturers, using the finest quality materials, this Maple Shoe Horn has a premium, wooden aura about it. Measuring 22-inches long, this Maple Shoe Horn provides extended reach to people with medical issues and the elderly. Its unique design ensures that the shoehorn effortlessly slips in and out of shoes. The maple shaft provides a strong, secured grip. Made from a wood shaft, the shaft gets gold-plated accent bands at the neck. The utility is completed with a wrist strap for ensuring ease of handling. This one-of-a-kind shoehorn model is also bought by shoehorn collectors!

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