Malacca Walking Cane


Walking canes exuding a premium hardwood aura are considered the best choice for gifting and personal use too. The Malacca Finishing Cane abides by this norm and presents itself as the best, most sophisticated option for those who want to make a statement through their choice of cane. The Malacca finishing is not relevant for all types of woods. Only premium hardwoods do justice to this exquisite finishing. Using the Malacca finishing with absolute perfection this cane makes a serious case for itself. The hardwood aura is very strong. One glance at the Malacca Cane and you know this is not an ordinary walking stick. You get an eclectic blend of brown shades. These are natural colors and not due to use of staining compounds or colors. The result is brilliant they accentuate the overall aura of the cane, accentuating its position as the segment leader in the niche of fashionable wooden canes. The refined brown tone adds a distinguished look to this affordable stick. Both the handle and shaft boast of hardwood construction. The slim band of chrome adds a touch of elegance in a very subtle manner. At 36 inches, the Malacca Finishing Cane is reasonably long. HC8039800 tip.  3/4 inch tip.

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