Jumbo The Elephant


Do you like to collect walking canes? The Jumbo-The Elephant Walking Cane makes a serious case for being a part of your valuable collection. However, this doesnt mean that it doesnt perform as a walking aid. The Elephant Walking Cane is as functional as any other walking stick. However, its popularity is mainly due to its animal themed handle, featuring the head of a tusker, carved to perfection. The shaft is made of the finest quality wood. It is kiln-cultured to give you years of hassle-free walking assistance or stand out as a part of your collection. The cane is accented with a golden collar that brings out the beauty of its deep walnut color finish. It measures 36 inches in lengthyou can get this customized according to your preferences. Handmade in Italy, The Jumbo Cane is a premium offering in this niche, a perfect to yourself or someone you adore.

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