Jockey Head "Red"


Cool walking canes like the Jockey Head Red are a great accessory for any special event or party. The molded handle features a jockey head that comes in a brown wood tone. This rare piece is a perfect choice for equestrian and riders. This unisex cane is a perfect match with any wardrobe that you wish to wear. The beautifully molded walking stick is available with a 36 inches long, black-colored shaft that is made out of maple wood. The base of the cane has a rubber tip that provides a firmer grip even while walking on a smooth and shiny surface. A perfect companion for light strolls in the park, the Jockey Head Red spotlights your love for horse racing as well as accentuates your sense of fashion. The red color is unique to the niche of premium walking canes and this is your chance to own a walking cane that wears the most beautiful shade of red.  Tip 8-0398-08

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