Granite Series in Purple

The Granite Series continues to enjoy patronage across many countries, easily outnumbering its competitors. The Purple-colored cane is a preferred member of this globally renowned fraternity. Finished in the color of Royal Purple, this Granite SeriesPurple Walking Cane is the perfect accessory for weddings, theaters, and similar themed events. It has a sturdy and easily foldable shaft made of aluminum that glides from 33 inches to 37 inches. It is tipped with rubber supports for additional safety. This cane has a wooden Derby style handle that ensures maximum support and comfort for the user leading to a great walking balance. The dark tone of the handle together with the gold colored collar accentuates the rich look of the cane. This Granite Series cane can be easily folded into a compact size and carried along on travel or short trips. It also comes with a folding clip for storage purpose.  Replacement tip #8-2800-08

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