Eagle with Glass Eye


Walking canes have never been so functionalthe beautifully molded Eagle Handle underlines why eagles are considered the last word in the niche of hunting birds. Used in this cane in an exotic motif, the Eagle handle helps you make an immediate impression. At an event, carrying this cane means announcing your arrival in style! The Eagle Handle has glass eyes on both sides, ensuring that the big bird is mimicked accurately. The nylon construction of the handle gives it great resistance against high impacts. This ensures a higher level of durability to your walking accessory. Placed on a sturdy black maple shaft, the brown wood tone handle makes perfect blend with any wardrobe. This meticulously designed fashion accessory comes in a standard length of 36 inches, but you can cut short the length according to your requirement. The rubber grip at the bottom ensures better gripping on wetter, slippery surfaces.

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