Classy Burgundy Crook Handled

People who are very expressive and full of energy would definitely have a great liking on this walking cane. Burgundy Crook Handled Cane is an admirable walking cane that features a burgundy stained extra heavy genuine 1 natural chestnut wood shaft. You will definitely feel more strength in your character when using this cane during your morning walks. This walking cane has a crook handle that offers comfortable support to cane users with a carrying capacity of up to 250 lbs (around 113 kilos). Crook shaped handle canes are best for people who prefer to have their hands free from this walking aid and simply hang the cane on their arm. Burgundy Crook Handled Cane is a walking cane that has an approximate measurement of 5 inches x 1 inch x 36 inches with a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip HC8039208 or any 1 inch tip. A great basic walking cane.

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