Golden Retriever Bronze Walking Stick with Moulded Top


Yes, walking sticks are ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle - folks who often venture out for impromptu walks. However, there are elite canes that double-up as lifestyle accessories. These are exceptionally designed, elegant canes like the Bronze Golden Retriever. The construction is solid enough to be employed as a walking companion when the body needs some extra support. However, you are most likely to buy the Cocker Spaniel Walking Cane with moulded top for its aesthetics. Overall, its a masterpiece every cane collector will tell you this. The perfect harmony of aesthetics and utility means you get a special walking cane. At 36-inches long, this walking stick is useful for everyone. You might want to consider it as a decorative element in the living room or to update your cane collection. The slightly distressed look on the handle further imparts an antique appeal to this walking cane. The walnut color wood shaft is solid and allows no cracks, chips or repairs, making this cane even more special. Exquisitely finished, this is a boutique walking cane own it to feel its aura or gift it to be thanked endlessly! 36 inches.

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