Fuschia Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base


The Fuchsia color is a deep and playful color that gives a lively appearance to any fashion accessory. Featuring this bright color, the Fuchsia Fashion Quad-Cane Small base continues to attract a lot of attention. This has become one of the most admired fashionable walking canes in the niche of similar quality canes. This quad-cane can be a perfect choice for anyone who requires a stylish cane to support their balance. Designed with high-resolution images of flowers, the Fuchsia Fashion Quad-Cane Small is a preferred option for grand events as well as casual evening walks. It comes with a strong base that measures 5x8 inches to provide stability and unflinching balance while walking. Designed to support body weight, this quad-cane comes with a center balance handle and nylon security nut. You can adjust the height of this cane from 30 inches to 39 inches according to your individual requirement. Making a unique style statement, the Fuchsia Fashion Quad-Cane Small base can be a wonderful choice that suits any wardrobe.

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