Paisley Fashion Quad-Cane Small


When asked many people about their most preferred design in a perfect walking cane, a great number of people voted for paisley design. Paisley design is widely used in exotic fashion accessories. The Paisley Fashion Quad-Cane Small is one such accessory that rules this genre. A quad-cane, this walking accessory perfects your balance and can support your body weight. This cane can be a great attraction to the onlookers eye that they seldom notice any other accessory you might be wearing. With a small base with 5x8 inches measurement and a center balance offset handle, this quad cane is an ideal walking aid. Adjustable from 30 inches till 39 inches, this walking cane comes with replacement tips #8-4608-08 and replacement grips #8-2196-08. Making a fashion statement, walking cane can be a perfect choice for making a unique statement at an event.

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