Black Marble Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Do you ever fancy a walking cane in a design that is more appealing than a standard, boring color? The Black Marble Fashion Quad-Cane Small can be a great choice. This quad-cane has a striking design that can capture any onlookers attention very easily. It is surprising to see how the black marble artwork turns this simple quad-cane into a designer element. Featuring a top-notch design, this quad-cane can be a great collectible item in your walking cane collection. With the center balance offset handle, this cane has a strong built making it perfect for supporting body weight and maintaining walking balance. The four-pronged cane with a small base that measures 5x8 inches is specially designed to provide uniform balance while walking. It comes with nylon security nut, standard replacement are tips #8-4608-08 and replacement grips are #8-2196-08 for optimum comfort and safety while you walk. Replacement grips and tips sold separate.

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