White Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Some consider the white color to be too blank to attract any attention. Though, the fact is that no color is more so playful, overpowering and attractive than the white color itself. That is the reason why the White Fashion Quad-Cane Small makes a unique style statement. The four-pronged cane has a small base with 5x8 inches measurement. With a center balance offset handle, replacement grips are #8-2196-08, and a nylon security nut, you can be assured of more comfortable handling. The cane uses replacement tip #8-0460-08 for providing more stability even while walking over smooth and shiny surfaces. It is adjustable from 30 inches to 39 inches suiting to your individual height requirements. Calling it elegance without effort would be relevant, as this cane perfectly matches any ensemble that you wish to wear for any gala function or formal luncheons. Replacement grips and tips sold separate.

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