Mint Fashion Quad-Cane Small


The mint color, just like the mint leaves, has a rejuvenating character. A fresh hue makes you look cool and perfect, mint can be a great color for your walking support. Normally, the quad-canes are considered dull and unappealing. However, if it is aesthetically designed with attractive colors, the quad-cane makes a strong fashion statement. The Mint Fashion Quad-Cane Small is one such quad-cane that has proved its worth in the fashion markets. Featuring an attractive design tinted with mint color, this glamorous cane can be a perfect choice for your next big event or celebration. It comes with a small base that measures 5x8 inches and has a center offset handle and nylon nut. This gives a better comfort as well as security, making it a great walking support. This cane is available in an adjustable length of 30 - 39 inches to suit your height requirements.

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