Antique Lion Style Cane


This is perhaps the most domineering walking cane, doing away with the norm of subtle, more restrained styles found among animal-themed canes. The Antique Lion Style Cane isnt the prefect pick if you like things to be understatedthis cane roars of premium quality and a complementing, grand persona. Graced with a motif of the king of the jungle on top, this robust walking aid can be the perfect gift, even as an heirloom! Made from high-quality plastic with a high-impact design, this handle has been intelligently positioned to provide a secure grip with its textured pattern and comfortable design. A bright brass collar is structured below to accentuate the look of a subtle design in its unique way. Measuring around 36 inches in length, the black-colored shaft comes complete with a reliable rubber tip at the base.

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