Running Horse with Black Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw


If you enjoy the elegance exuded by scrimshaw, you will surely love to be accompanied by the elegant Running Horse with Black Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw. A sturdily built wooden shaft comes in a classic black color to serve as a brilliant contrast to the beautifully scrimshaw handle on top. Exhibiting the look of of being a collectable, the strong Derby Handle offers a smooth grip, making walking for long hours much easier than before. It is made from premium-quality and offers great resistance to high impact. A striking silver collar and a secure rubber tip at the base, complete the look of this beautiful piece. This is commonly interpreted as the most premium choice in the niche of collectable derby walking canes. The shaft is 36 inches long and tapers from 1 inch to 3/4 inch diameter. Replacement tip #8039808.

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