Afghan Man's Head with Black Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw


You probably would not imagine a popular headgear to be associated with the niche of walking canes. Get ready for the ultimate shocker in the world of walking canes the Afghan Man's Head with Black shaft in Antique Scrimshaw and yes, it is not creepy. In fact, it is a very well made and popular choice. Give your wardrobe an exotic touch with this Afghan Mans Head Black Walking Cane. It features a captivating polymer resin handle depicting the head of an Afghan man with perfectly carved details like the mustache and traditional headgear. The handle is set on a sturdy 1-inch diameter wooden shaft, tapered at the base to 3/4 inch for a modish look. This cane has a walking height of 36 inches, but it can be clipped depending on individual preferences. It is fitted with rubber tips for ensuring proper balance even on irregular surfaces. Striking and practical, this Afghan Mans Head Black walking cane flaunts a gorgeous black finish for an elegant look.

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