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Walking Staffs

Walking Staffs
A walking stick proves to be a great companion when you are in the outdoors on a hiking trail or self-exploring the wilderness as a part of your expedition. These terrains can prove to be very demanding. With the presence of smooth, textured roads and the all-round presence of rocks, stones, gravel, mud, and water, keeping yourself balanced can become difficult. To avoid getting injured, you need a firm support. This is when you need a dedicated support to make your journey safer. Walking staffs comprehensively address this issue.

Explore Your Outdoors With This Walking Cane
Walking staffs are not as professional as trekking poles that are employed by mountaineers and people who hike through trails meant for the professionals only. Walking staffs are closer to being travel staffs or hiking staffs that are more supportive than a regular walking stick but don't have the kind of credentials we associated with trekking poles.

Suiting Everyone’s Requirements
Whether you plan to bag-pack, walk, trek, or hike in an area that does not present a serious safety threat, a walking staff will deliver as an efficient walking support. This does not apply to hiking across steep cliffs of deep-snowed areas.

 Different walking staffs have different combinations of cane tip, shaft material and handle—graded for different walking / hiking requirements. We have the entire collection of modern and classic walking staffs, including those that exude a raw, rustic appeal and the more recent, designer versions.

We have a wide array of dedicated hiking and trekking aids like Trekking Poles.

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