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Tourist Canes

Tourist Canes

Tourist Canes
A tourist cane is among the most traditional of walking canes found across the world. Popular for its timeless appeal, every tourist cane promises to offer you the easiest cane-using experience. This is mainly due to the traits of the tourist handle. Also called the J handle, this handle is like shepherd’s crook that was once a popular tool in the rural areas. The J handle tourist canes are considered to be the best option for first-time cane users and when you need to gift a cane without knowing much about preferences of an individual.

Exploring Tourist Canes
Traditionally, these canes had a very simple layout. The handle is unassuming, usually without a collar. However, some people prefer having a small collar in metallic finish, which adds to the overall style. Some tourist canes come with an untreated shaft that still has the twists and naturally tapering surfaces found in branches and stalks.

The Latest Trend of Tourist Canes Tourist canes made from true woods still invoke curiosity. This usually includes classical woods like white ash, bamboo, rattan wrap, chestnut, and black hardwood. Latest fashions in this niche include tourist handle canes with a chrome-plated handle—the best bet when you want a cane as a lifestyle accessory rather than a dedicated mobility aid! You might also like to explore our collection of Hand Carved Walking Canes.

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