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Orthopedic Walking Canes

Orthopedic Walking Canes
Orthopedic canes are meant for people who have been diagnosed with long-term or serious conditions that impair their balance, posture, or gait, presenting a clear and present threat to their safety when walking. This is why Orthopedic Canes come with the best of ergonomically designed handles. Also called ergonomically correct walking canes, these canes are designed for right and left-handed users, ensuring there is no room for a compromised grip.

Orthopedic Cane Applications
You are most likely to find an orthopedic or medical cane with a curved handle. This is because the curved shape presents the maximum probability of ensuring a firm and easy grip that induces the least pressure on the wrist, fingers, or hand. This kind of grip ensures that the body weight is uniformly distributed over the entire palm area without creating points of excessively induced pressure. Also called Prescription Canes, orthopedic walking canes are typically recommended to the elderly with chronic mobility issues where there is little or no chance of the user holistically recovering from the diagnosed problem. This often includes people suffering from arthritis and recurring bouts of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Buying Orthopedic Canes Online
We are the leading online resource for stocking and selling a wide array of orthopedic canes meant for addressing different type of medical conditions. We have the credentials to evaluate each of these canes based upon their construction and overall style. We have established a unique network of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure orthopedic canes from leading brands are available at reasonable prices. Take a minute to browse through some of our other Medical Purpose Canes.

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