Olive Wood Walking Canes

Green Apples-Classy Walking Canes

Green Apples

With metallic high gloss green apples finish hardwood shaft, the Green Apples walking cane is great for ladies looking for stunningly simple cane. ...

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These olive wood handled canes allow you to have comfort and support when walking, while enabling you to display style and taste like no other cane can. These are handcrafted to perfection and are beautiful to look at. They also offer the support of other walking canes, as well. To find the perfect olive wood walking cane, see our selection below.


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Left Handed Walking Canes
Left handed canes are suitable for those who need extra support on the left side. These people may or may not be left handed. If the cane is being used because of an injury, it may be necessary to use it on the side of the injury. These canes are extremely comfortable for those that must use their left hand.

Light Weight Walking Canes
Light weight walking canes offer maximum portability. They are especially ideal for use by individuals with injuries. They will not add any additional strain on an injury. These economical canes are made of aluminum and often fold up for extra convenience.

Light Weight Canes
Light weight canes are made of anodized aluminum or graphite making them easy to carry and durable for many years of use. Many of these portable canes fold up and adjust for added convenience. They come with a large variety of handles to provide you with supreme comfort. They also come in many fashionable designs, colors and styles to satisfy your personal taste.

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