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Mens Blackthorn Style

Mens Blackthorn Style

Mens Blackthorn Style
Men's Blackthorn Style is one of the most requested walking sticks. Their origin is traced back to Medieval Ireland and they are also known as Shillelagh. Earlier, Irish young-men practiced the art of combat using such blackthorn walking sticks. Walking Canes Store is proud to bring you the finely-crafted Shillelagh Blackthorn Walking Sticks globally. It is by far, one of the most demanded walking sticks globally.

Stand Apart with the Irish Men's Blackthorn Style Cane
Men's Blackthorn Style canes symbolize Irish culture and heritage preserved for generations. These 36 inches long, polished sticks are made using blackthorn wood sourced from the wild. Blackthorn wood epitomizes the beauty, freshness and longevity of nature. Blackthorn Walking Stick looks natural even after years of use, very resilient to the usual factors causing wear & tear. It comes with a derby handle with a flawless finish and an easy grip—the perfect blend of convenience and performance!

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If you are looking for a cane with an interesting tale about its origin and popularity, choose this classic cane made from genuine Irish Blackthorn wood. We offer a wide array of choices in this segment including blackthorn canes with stylish brass collars. Usually, the wood is sourced from Ireland and the British Isles to ensure you are getting thoroughbred Blackthorn Canes. Please take a moment to glance at our Hand Carved Walking Canes. You can also call at our toll-free, customer service helpline: 1-888-928-1774.

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