Lightweight Walking Canes
Lightweight Walking Canes
Walking canes have evolved over the years. People have become more inclined towards canes that are lighter and easier to maneuver. As a result, new cane-making materials have been tried and many of them have found global acceptance, referred to as Lightweight Walking Canes.

Lightweight Cane Culture & Marketplace
Some people believe that lighter canes are about breaking through the stereotypes among walking canes. However, the lesser weight is more of a practical approach. People still adore the classic and vintage cane styles. These cane designs continue to outsell contemporary designed canes but people are increasingly seeking a less demanding cane where weight becomes an important consideration.

Walking canes are no longer restricted to being mobility aids. They are also deployed as a lifestyle and fashion accessory. As a result, prospective customers want lighter canes that can be easily carried along with the chosen attire. Here, people are not too particular about the sturdiness of the cane. Further, with materials like aluminum and carbon fiber apart from some recently introduced woods, people get lighter canes with strength almost at par with traditional canes. We have a growing collection of lightweight canes across every cane style, ranging from Fritz and Derby to Crook style and Offset canes.

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