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Left Handed Walking Canes

Left Handed Walking Canes
There are things right-handed folks will never understand, like the frustration endured at the time of finding out that a popular walking cane is available in the right-hand format only. There is a pattern to this problem—for some reason, the standard format of a walking cane has been interpreted as being compatible for right-handed users. It seems that the earliest cane\-makers were not aware about the problem faced by southpaws!

Getting More Accommodating
Left & Right Cane Users Today, the niche of walking canes has become more thoughtful. Many cane manufacturers / retailers have introduced exclusively left-handed canes, created in the same manner as premium right-handed canes. This includes all the classic and contemporary cane handle designs. Despite being a universal trend, the growing acknowledgment of left hand cane users has some limitations. There can be situations where a chosen cane design isn’t available in a left-compatible form. Sometimes, the waiting period can be excruciatingly long. The solution lies in using a comprehensive online resource like us—where you can find the latest and classic left-handed cane designs at any time of the day! Specialized left-handed canes with precision contoured handles are also called Fischer Sticks.
These are anatomically shaped to ensure that the pressure is spread over a wider palm area—the ideal choice for people with painful hands, arthritis patients, and those recovering from serious bodily injuries.

Shopping at this Online Store
We cover all walking cane requirements, cultures, and trends. This includes anatomically correct right and left handed canes. We procure the entire range of left-handed canes from the best manufacturers. We also stock many uni-handle options where it does not matter whether you are a right-handed or left-handed user. Some of our left-handed canes can bear up to 300 pounds. If you have a left-handed walking cane in mind and cannot find it here, please Contact Us.

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