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Paint-a-Cane Kit

Paint-a-Cane Kit


Do you have a loved one that uses a walking cane? Why not make it personalized and special to them by adding your loving touch. You can do this easily today, by ordering the Paint-A-Cane Kit. Simply go to www.walking-cane.net and order your kit today. A hand-painted cane makes for the perfect holiday gift for a grandparent or other loved one that uses a walking cane.

A grandparent or other loved one is sure to be happy with a personalized, hand-painted cane designed by a family member. This will make their walking cane feel that much more special to them, not to mention it will be all the buzz amongst their friends.

The cane painting kit is an activity that can be fun for the whole family or can also be done by an individual. The kit has everything that you will need to get started on making that special gift. Included in the kit, are a cane, an assorted color of paints, and a brush to paint with.

The walking cane included in the kit is made of a very fine hardwood. The walking cane is kiln-cured for maximum strength and durability. The weight capacity of the cane is 250 lb. and each is treated with a high gloss water resistant finish. There is a rubber tip on the bottom of the cane to provide for additional safety and traction.

Hand painting a cane and giving it your own personal touch is sure to make it feel special whether it is for yourself or a loved one.

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