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Hand Carved Traditional Sticks

Hand Carved Traditional Sticks

Hand Carved Traditional Sticks
What makes the handmade walking canes so different from other canes? It can be anything from its distinct design to its natural charm, its impressive strength to its jaw-dropping long lasting. These special traditional canes are first carved with knives and gouges and then, stained and imprinted later as per the requirement.

By saying distinct, we always ensure that no two Hand Carved Traditional Sticks are alike or even similar. Sometimes designers use different tools to assure complete uniqueness in design. First, the designing part of such a cane is completed; the second step is painting or staining (whatever required). Lately, these canes are veneered with wood sealers to lock and secure their natural grain look. The complete manufacturing process, in this regard, can take almost twenty hours.

Quite loved by cane collectors, these traditional sticks never disappoint when it comes to functionality. Light in weight, handcarved walking canes can beat the odds of every situation. Here, we present you the complete range of hand carved walking canes at the most pocket friendly rates. Please browse through the selection and get the best deals.

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