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Fancy Walking Canes

Fancy Walking Canes

Fancy Walking Canes
You must have come across canes that exude a typical feminine aura, usually with floral and polka dotted prints. These canes are meant to be a part of the wardrobe for the day, not suited for heavy-duty applications like camping, hiking or trekking. The emphasis is not on the cane’s weight-bearing capacity or the durability of its tip. For fancy cane buyers, the cane should look fashionable and qualify as a wardrobe addition. Most retailers refer to these as Fancy Walking Canes—also called decorative canes for women. However, it would be wrong to assume that fancy walking canes are aimed solely at women.

Fancy Canes for Men & Women
Men too demand canes that emphasize on aesthetics rather than function. Often, fancy canes have beautiful handles, which are perhaps the first clue as to whether a cane is meant for typical cane-like usage or whether it is meant to be an accessory. Whether you want a cane that makes sense with your tuxedo or an elegant evening gown for a ballroom event, you can find a suitable fancy walking cane. This includes formal walking canes for men that have a smart collar and a distinguished, dark finished staff.

Things You Should Know about Fancy Cane Handles
Chrome-plated handles, those with an animal-inspired handle, collars made of expensive materials, and canes with an obtuse, spherical top are some of the most demanded fancy cane options for men. Among women, popular fancy cane options include canes with a slim shaft and derby handles in various themes. This includes canes made of burlwood and lightweight carbon fiber. Most of these canes have a slight shimmer to them. The luster adds to their appeal as a piece of visual engagement.

If you cannot locate a fancy cane design that you have in mind, please Contact Us. We promise to get back with an answer. Please take a look at our Blog which addresses different social projects and different queries about walking and mobility aids.

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