Dog Handle Canes Dog handle canes might seem like a creative, relatively recent inspiration in the niche of walking canes where traditional and vintage designs still rule. However, animal walking canes, inspired by creatures from the sea and land have been in circulation for a very long time.

Itsy Bitsy Animal Cane History
During 1840 and 1860, cane knobs made from bones of whale teeth and vertebra surfaced. Certain canes were rooted in various fields of profession. For instance, horse breeders and traders used a certain type of hiking stick that also doubled as a measuring tool. These canes gradually attained the image of being a horse cane, despite not having a horse-shaped handle or shaft. One of the most famous cane historians, Catherine Dike too refers to some cane handles shaped like an animal head. Among animal-inspired canes, those with dog-shaped handles have largely grabbed the maximum attention.

Dog Cane Applications

There can be many reasons for owning a dog handle stick. Some people keep such canes as a memoir of their four-legged pals. For others, these are dog walking sticks. Hikers and campers might carry dog handle hiking sticks as a part of their camping gear. Here, a dog cane symbolizes the ability to stay put and overcome problems, which make sense in challenging outdoors. Explore a Wider Array of Dog Handle Canes at We have a vast collection of dog-inspired walking canes. Here, the handles are in the shape of a dog’s head, ranging from St. Bernard to the Afghan hound—more species are being added with every passing month. We also have carved canes with dogs as the primary inspiration.

Shipping Time
It might take more than 2 weeks to create the cane but the results usually get compliments! No Second Day or Next Day air allowed on these handcrafted canes.

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