Lab Brownie Chocolate


Canine-themed walking canes have always been very popular among folks who love animals, particularly mans best friend. The Lab Brownie Chocolate Walking Stick is perhaps the perfect example of popular canes from this niche. Hand Crafted using the finest quality hardwood, this cane features a Labrador head handle, supported by a sturdy walnut shaft.  A gold-tone ring attaches the handle to the shaft. The cane is also accented with rubber tips that will give extra stability. It measures 36-inches long, but can be customized according to your requirement. This premium cane is manufactured in Italy, imbibing the design-obsessed penchant for perfection associated with Italian craftsmanship. The Lab Brownie Walking Cane offers you an ergonomic grip and is rather light, making it the perfect companion for your impromptu stroll.

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