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Collectible Walking Sticks

Collectible Walking Sticks

Collectible Walking Sticks Collectibles are very different from the usual walking canes we find in the market. Collectible walking sticks are essentially at par with memorabilia or vintage items that are highly valued because of their unique design and the forgotten era of artisanship they represent. Not meant for actual use, these sticks are preserved so that their shelf life can be extended.

Today, dedicated cane collectors are on the lookout for true collectibles that date back to a celebrated period or those that are exact imitations of classic canes. For enthusiasts, cane fashions don’t make much sense, guided by their instincts, they pursue what makes sense to them. Many of them have a strong inclination towards collectible canes that can be unreasonably expensive. Not known for a high degree of functionality, Collector Walking Sticks are often bought at auctions and offered as expensive gifts. Collectible sticks often include designs that seem a bit too banal to be valued so highly. Often these unpretentious walking aids are widely respected because of their history, their unique method of creation, or the use of precious materials that are no longer found in contemporary canes.

Reminiscent 19th and 20th century arts & crafts influences, some of the collectible walking sticks have region based following too. For instance, collectibles from Europe offer the widest range of options and these are respected across the globe. Most collectibles on offer are handmade creations. If not, the creators have tried to minimize the use automated or mechanical processes. This might inflate the price a bit but then you get the assurance of owning an exclusive creation. Options include Jockey Head, Pink Rose Handle canes, canes with Skull Motif, Alligator Brass Handle sticks and Glass Eyed Eagle cane.

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