Best Selling Walking Canes

Best Selling Walking Canes We are proud of our entire inventory of canes but some have managed to emerge as the clear favorite. A large part of this selection has glimpses of artistic inspirations, beautifully blended with form and functionality. Others have dedicated following owing to their classic looks while some continue to outsell their counterparts because of the ease of mobility they provide.

Ramp Inspired Best Selling Canes Some best selling canes have a short time in the limelight while some become timeless favorites. For instance, the 2012 fall collection of Ralph Lauren presented slender walking sticks as the primary accessory—a trend inspired by the canes used during the 1930s. These designs were preferred by gentleman of that era when women wore tweed and men dressed sharp in fitted suits!

Eternal Bestselling Canes
Unlike fashion trends that tend to change every season, popular trends in the world of walking canes evolve a bit slower. Some classic cane designs like those with cherry wood shaft and a derby handle are eternal favorites. Their popularity ceases to dip. Similarly, some typical patterns like the floral designs happen to be an eternal favorite among Female Designer Canes. Slightly unusual options among our best selling canes include the Pool Stick Cane that grabs attention with its extra-long shaft and the dexterous, spherical handle.

You are More Likely to Find the Trendsetters Here! We are much more than an online cane store. We are at the forefront of identifying new designs in canes, from the streets to the ramp. Some of our canes have managed to become bestsellers because we took the initiative of sensing the next big thing. We have cane artists who act as spotters too, always on the look out for the most probable, newest trend. A small segment of our best selling walking canes includes medically prescribed Functional Canes—used by people who need mobility aids due to medical reasons affecting their posture or gait. With a holistic approach in procuring canes, we have bestsellers across a wide range of cane materials, including carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, and acrylic.

The Unappreciated Utility of Walking Canes When you are confused about what kind of cane to gift or which cane makes sense for a particular event, explore our online store. It will take you a few minutes to browse through our list of best selling canes. Buying a highly popular cane gives you the assurance of never going horribly wrong when picking a cane with little clue about the user’s preferences.

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