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Bamboo Hiking Sticks

Bamboo Hiking Sticks
Hiking is fun but it presents some dynamics that need careful handling—you need a sure footing, leaving nothing to chance. Most hiking trips involve demanding terrains where slippery, rough, and abrasive surfaces are common. In such outdoorsy environments, a hiking stick can prove to be a useful addition to your hiking gear. Hiking sticks should be lightweight, capable of outlasting the toughest conditions. For outdoor enthusiasts, a bamboo walking stick is a sensible choice.

Why Choose Bamboo Walking Sticks?
Bamboo walking sticks benefit from natural properties of bamboo, which is found in high-rainfall areas and is perfectly acclimatized to maintain resilience against moisture. Bamboo sticks have a natural sheen. The grain pattern is not as intensive as that of popular hardwoods, making it easier to retain the actual surface or work it for a more finished appearance. Unbelievably light yet strong, a bamboo stick can support a much higher range of body weight without snapping. Having a subtle wooden finish, it is the intermediate choice between acrylic and wooden canes—not too woody like hardwood canes and not too glossy like some of the manufactured Lucite canes.

Buying Bamboo Walking Canes
While we believe that bamboo canes are the perfect hiking stick, some people have taken things to the next level, making bamboo walking sticks a part of their breakfront or showcase—as a decorative cane! Being ultra-light, bamboo sticks are the ideal option for women and the elderly who don't want heavy set shafts. As a hiking aid, bamboo cane doesn’t split easily, handles itself rather well on slippery rocks, and assures you of a lifetime of issue-free performance.

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