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Adjustable Style Fritz and J Handles

Adjustable Style Fritz and J Handles

Adjustable Style Fritz and J Handles
If you are a regular user of walking aides, you must be aware of the necessity and importance of adjustable walking canes. The traditional walking aids that come with a constant and rigid height, which can not be adjusted, sometimes become too much uncomfortable for the user.

Fritz Handles with German Precision
To serve the flexible and adjustable requirements of the users, we offer a wide variety of adjustable walking canes. Few of the popular adjustable walking aids include Adjustable Style walking aids with Fritz and J Handles. The walking aids with Fritz handle, due to its sturdy and unique open-ended construct allow users to grip the handle at comfortable ease, without letting the fingers getting cramped. First designed by a German physician during the 6th century for patients suffering from arthritis, the canes with this kind of handles became popular due to the utmost comfort and amazing style offered by these canes.

One-Cane-Fits-All Shepherd’s Handle
The J handles also known as crook handles or shepherd’s handles are another type of handles that are popular among the adjustable walking cane users. Generally associated with the traditional walking aids, these handles offer a simple yet elegant style that is characterized by one-cane-fits-all feature. These canes are one of the earliest trends that became popular among the masses. Now available in different size, color and appearance you can choose the one that suits your need and style. You can get walking canes at an attractive price from our online store. Shop Now!

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