Adjustable Style Palm Grip Handle

Adjustable Style Palm Grip Handle
Adjustable style walking aids are popular among the customers due to their unique feature of adjustability. This attribute allows you to adjust the height of your walking aid according to your unique needs and wants and the terrain you are treading. For instance you can adjust the heights according to the footwear you are wearing. If you are donning a slipper, you can lower the height of the walking aid, whereas with shoes with heels, you can increase the height accordingly.

Palm Grip, Just for your Comfort

The Adjustable Style Palm Grip Handle combines the advantages of Adjustable walking canes with comfort and safety of the palm grip handles. The palm grip handles generally replicates the contour of the palms perfectly to help you enjoy a tight and safe grip without compromising in comfort of using them. These types of ergonomically designed handles are highly rated by the customers due to their high comfort level. With the palm grips, you can be sure of avoiding the stress experienced by your fingers, palms and wrist, while handling the canes for longer periods. Due to their unique design these handles are also slip resistant, offering you utmost safety, making them perfect for people who sweat a lot. These walking canes are anatomically designed to distribute your weight evenly throughout the ergonomically designed handles.

Freedom to Choose
The One that Suits you Available for both men and women, these walking aids can be found in both left hand and right hand grip. These highly functional walking canes also come in various aesthetic forms and colors, offering you enough freedom to choose the one that suits your unique style and functional requirement.

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