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Walking Sticks for Young Adults: All About the Cool Cane Collection!

Walking Sticks for Young Adults: All About the Cool Cane Collection!

Tom Siceloff |

A walking cane is usually associated with the senior citizens as their supportive tool to help them with the gait, body balance, and coordination problems. But flipping the coin and looking at a different perspective where we have our younger generation getting their hands on the modern walking sticks. For the millennials and younger generation, a walking stick is way more than just a tool to help with mobility issues, it has indeed become an extension to their personality as well!

The unflinching younger generation likes to keep it stylish even when using a walking cane, while being comfortable enough to eliminate the embarrassment and awkwardness. It is a lesser known fact that sometimes the millennials or the younger adults with walking difficulties end up going out in public places less often that they should. But it is no more a scenario, after all they too deserve the phenomenal support a cane can provide. To make it even better walking experience, the sophisticated, fashionable and thoughtfully designed canes by Classy Walking Canes has the best collections that caters to varied demands. These classy collection of canes is perfect pick to accessorize elegantly and with utmost confidence. Browse through the collection to pick the one that suits your personality and needs:

  • Classy Walking Cane Skull Cane:

Flaunt your style effortlessly while being extremely comfortable in walking with a classy Skull Cane that is sure to impart a bold appeal and create a great visual impact too! An epitome of style and complete utility, the Skull Cane with a gothic look has a radiant skull motif that exhibits a crisp detailing and exquisitely accentuated by an alluring chrome finish. The metallic construction with wooden shaft structured makes it look and feel amazing. An impressive pick for your personality.

  • Brown Aviator Duck Cane:

Another masterpiece that is sure to grab everyone’s eye is the intricately designed Brown Avaiator Duck Cane. This amazing cane features duck in aviator helmet and goggles, a perfect pick for a cane lover or someone who wants to accessorize with a twist. The durably constructed brown acetate handle is mounted on the brown beech wood shaft that is accentuated with the brass collar and discreet rubber ferrule. Look for this cane and it is sure to be an amazing pick for your own use or in case you want to gift this to someone!

  • German Shepherd Walking Stick:

Love for dogs cannot be expressed in words, and it is rightly said that dog is indeed man’s best friend. We very well understand how beautiful this relation is and what’s better than having a dog-themed cane to make it even more evident! Yes, why not to have a cane that is dedicated to your love for dogs. Isn’t it going to be “paw-some”? Yes, it is for sure. So, here is German Shepherd Walking Stick that is a reproduction of the original woodcarving by Master Woodcarver Michael Park. The is casted in resin and the head is hand painted by skilled Artisans in Michaels shop. The dog’s head sits elegantly on the painted solid poplar staff, which is accented with a solid brass collar and the tip. So, wait for nothing! Pick this one to show your love while being equally stylish too!

  • Woody Right Palm Grip Cane:

Bring yourself out from the trap of only buying those traditionally designed sticks, and follow the off beaten path this time. Yes, why not? Add a twist to how a classy cane looks and feel with the use of this flawlessly designed Woody Right Palm Grip Cane, that has the style, and elegance. The golden color collar accentuated by the stylish and intricate palm grip poly resin handle ensures zero slippage. Not only this, but the walnut shaft adds to the visual appeal apart from lending great strength to the cane. This Limited Edition Woody Palm Walking Stick is specially manufactured in Italy.

So, make sure you are not compromising on the style while being completely comfortable walking anywhere easily! Browse through the massive collection presented by Classy Walking Canes and pick the one that uplifts your personality!



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