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Upgrade Your Collection Of The Unique- Collectible Walking Canes

Upgrade Your Collection Of The Unique- Collectible Walking Canes

Tom Siceloff |

From collecting coins to antiques, people have their own attractions which express their unique style and choice in the best possible manner. While collecting stamps and other such small things give the earthly pleasure, collecting something as lavish and exceptional as a walking cane speaks on a whole other level. Canes are exquisite, stylish and practical. They make for an amazing choice to express your innate style and are handy walking accessories as well. Ranging from all notable eras of the history, animals and famous royal canes, you can be sure to find something or other of your choice again and again.

Exquisite Handcrafted Beauty

If you are someone who want everything you own to be one of a kind, the collectible canes should be your go-to option. These handcrafted collectible canes have a fantastic wooden shaft thoroughly polished for a blinding shine with a special handcrafted handle. Cane handles are seen as the main attraction of a cane followed by the construction material and shaft. The handcrafted ones come in all kinds of shapes you can imagine— crafted wooden owl head, brass alligator head handle, and so many more exceptional designs. The detailing is so precise that it makes these canes seem to have a life essence of their own.

A Tad Bit of Royalty & History

Vintage is the word everyone wants to add along with ‘unique’ & ‘one of a kind’ for their collection. An accessory from the era of Abraham Lincoln would bring the right amount of historical touch to the collection for sure. Those round knob brass handle canes may be exclusive to the royalty but with a perfect imitation, you can feel every bit royal yourself. The imitation is crafted with such expertise, they can not be recreated with the same exclusive texture and grain pattern. There are classic brass knob handles, Scrimshaw bulb handles, glass phial knob handles (for a mystic fans) and more. The replica of the cane of Duke of Wellington in your collection is sure to bring history to its knees. The options for shaft are just as wonderful as the royal handles- made with oakwood and chestnut wood.

For the Animal Lovers

As sturdy as they come, canes with handcrafted animal design handle is sure to win the hearts of all animal lovers. A hit in the parties, the stunning craftsmanship is intricate and detailed to every last feature. From foxes to fishes, horses, dogs, pheasants, the diversity never ends and never disappoints. Made with different kinds of materials like porcelain, sliver, brass, ivory, etc., collectible canes are often of exceptional quality and don’t need restoration.

Canes are mostly considered as accessories which can aid you in walking and improving posture, but they are much more than that. While they do provide every bit of the necessary support, they make fabulous gifts and amazing objects of collection. They express your style and often offer insights in history and cultural norms. All in all, the uses are indefinite and so is the pleasure of having something different and out of the ordinary in your collection.  

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