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Make The Right Impact with The Right Cane Material

Make The Right Impact with The Right Cane Material

Tom Siceloff |

Choosing a cane for yourself is not just about the design of the piece and its beauty. It is true that canes make for wonderful styling accessories and hence the design needs to be top-notch. But along with a classy, elegant look that matches well with your style, the material used in the construction should be considered. It makes or breaks a cane. There are several kinds of material with their own attributes which makes them suitable for different kinds of environment. So picking up the right one as per your needs require special attention towards the material.

Bamboo Walking Canes for Greater Strength

If you need your cane to have an exclusive, one of a kind design along with being a super reliable support assistance then bamboo canes are your best pick. They have a design that contains the raw bamboo look while being amazingly light. The lightweight body makes them easy to carry. Bamboo features strength greater than that of steel- very suitable for places with high altitude where a strong and lightweight support sticks are required.

Aluminum Canes for Versatility with Power

While a lot of canes provide a great support system, aluminum canes get their appeal from the versatile and easily moldable structure. The ever popular folding canes features an aluminum shaft since it the one of the very few metals which can maintain the same strength even when used as an assembled accessory. Aluminum is easily styled as well so plenty of design options open up for the users.

Carbon Fiber Canes for the Elderly

Joint pain is the most common problem among the elderly. As walking and moving around becomes, a support system with shock absorbent qualities is highly required. Carbon Fiber canes are the best option for these situations due their shock absorbent and noise minimizing qualities. These canes reduces the impact on arms and are not a nuisance to the sensitive hearing of the elderly either.

Wooden Canes: Classic Comfort and Style

When it comes to evergreen style statement, wooden canes are everybody’s first choice. They have a chic vintage vibe to them and looks every bit royal. Wooden canes are carved in amazing vintage and unconventional designs as well which makes them a great collectible item. Some of the most opted woods are oak, blackthorn, chestnut, beachwood, cherry and walnut. They are very stable, comfortable and a reliable source of assistance.

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