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Specialty Canes – For Fashion and Functionality

Specialty Canes – For Fashion and Functionality

Tom Siceloff |

There are many different kinds of walking canes available out there which can be broadly distinguished based on style and functionality. While some people carry a walking stick just for it to serve the purpose of giving reliable support, the other like to represent their sense of style using a unique, fashionable walking cane. Most canes that are designed to be a collectible piece or a fashion accessory often lack in the department of functionality – be it providing reliable support or coming in handy in some other way. This is where the section of specialty canes comes in – these eccentric canes are the ideal mixture of style, fashion, elegance, and functionality and can uplift your cane collection in an instant.

The Umbrella Cane – A Multitasking Cane

A cane that also works as a functional umbrella, the umbrella canes have a wonderful vintage vibe to them and they will suite perfectly with every plaid outfit of yours. Available in many colors as well as quirky prints, the umbrella canes feature a point tip end which serves as the top when you use the umbrella and as the tip when you use it as a walking stick. 

The Bubba Hiking Staff – For Ultimate Strength

Made with hardwearing woods like Tennessee Hardwood dowel stained in Ebony, Jacobean, Mahogany, Walnut, Red Chestnut, Honey Oak or Natural Pine tints, Bubba Sticks are one of the oldest kinds of walking sticks which feature a brass handle made of a Real Horse Collar harness. They have an attractive antique vibe and a rich history which makes them an ideal piece to be featured in your collectibles collection and their sturdy make gives them an exceptional strength making them ideal to be used as walking or even hiking sticks – killing two birds with one stone.

Dog handle Cane – For Collecting and Everyday Use

Perfect for everyday walking purposes, the exceptional canes featuring dog breeds on their handles are a no-miss for the dog enthusiast as well as a collector. From German Shepheard to Dalmatians, French Bulldog, and Corgis, the dog handle canes flaunt intricately crafted replicas of dogs – true to shape on every turn. They offer an average range of support with and a wide grip which is suitable to be used as general walking.

Choosing a walking cane can be a tricky task if you want to combine style and usability and find a perfect combination of both. Classy Walking Canes houses a wide range of unique canes that will speak to you on a personal level when it comes to style offering a wide range of functionality at the same time so that you can get your ideal cane.




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