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Tom Siceloff |

walking canes for ladies

Walking in style certainly matters, especially for the fairer sex. Walking right is all about grace and confidence and people who fail to walk properly can opt for diverse ladies walking canes. Well, to be clear enough the first walking cane was discovered by the Indians in the 1700AD, which was known as Naga Badi.  However, very few people appreciate the Indian society’s contribution to the walking canes future. Nowadays one can find several exemplary walking canes at various online stores. Nevertheless, it’s vital to know the exact requirement of a client before offering him or her piece of walking tool to make their lives smoother.

Practically, the modern shoppers must understand the terra firma concept of the products like wooden cane, adjustable cane, folding cane, fashionable cane, royal cane, hiking sticks or hiking staffs we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions about our canes, read the blog carefully. Wondering which type of walking cane would work best for you? We have many different types of canes to choose from for both men and women including: adjustable canes, folding canes, seat canes, hiking staffs and sticks, and more.When choosing your walking stick, first decide which type of handle you would like. One of the most popular handle types is the Derby handle, invented by Lord Derby. The idea for the handle came from Lord Derby requiring a practical cane that he could hook over his arm. The Derby handle offers excellent support as the user's weight is carried directly over the shaft of the walking stick.

The Fischer handle is ideal for people who suffer from hand problems such as arthritis and rheumatism. This comfortable handle is named after Dr Fischer, an Austrian arthritis specialist who invented this type of handle. A Fischer handle orthopedic walking stick will suit hands of many shapes and sizes and is available in left or right handed models. There are many more styles of handles available, all with different shapes and uses to choose from.

Most walking sticks on the market will be height adjustable. This is incredibly useful is you are short or tall, or find that you prefer your cane a particular length. Orthopedic canes are a very popular range as they address specific conditions such as arthritis, joint problems, visual impairment and rheumatism. Shock Absorber walking sticks contain a spring mechanism near the bottom of the cane. This spring reduces jarring each time the stick makes contact with the ground. A Shock Absorber cane is beneficial to those suffering from wrist or elbow problems.

Hence, it’s up to the client what kind of a ladies walking canes she is looking for.

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