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NECESSITY OF A WALKING CANES & very utility and variety of walking cane

NECESSITY OF A WALKING CANES & very utility and variety of walking cane

Tom Siceloff |

necessity of walking canes

Fitness and it accessories goes hand in hand. Like any other fitness routine morning walk or walking is an accessible exercise, appropriate for children, adults, seniors, and those with limited mobility. The health benefits of walking have been documented and confirmed through various studies and includes helping individuals shed weight, lowering blood pressure, slowing bone loss, managing cholesterol, and helping strengthen the heart.

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Studies have also shown that regular physical activity such as walking can help with maintaining good health and reducing the risk of getting osteoporosis, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other serious diseases. The benefits of walking are not limited to physical health. Better sleep, a sharper memory, and feeling energized, are just a few of the emotional benefits associated with walking. However, one need to have a proper walking cane for it. Many believe that such canes are only required for the aged people, but in reality things are pretty different. The walking canes are much required by both women and even by children.


Children with posture problem are often recommended by doctors to use the cane to develop a good posture while walking. Same goes for the women folks who often feels their back pain while walking.Therefore, the cane is also highly recommended for them. Decorative, use, and gadget walking canes are mostly available through specialty shops mainly online. Many canes available through these specialty shops range from a nicely handcrafted elegant cane to a highly decorated hand grip topped cane with Swarovski crystals, brass plated, nickel plated, chrome plated, etc.. Materials through a specialty company for the hand grips could include hand carved wood with various designs including rabbits, dogs, ducks, fish, horse heads, and many others. Decorative canes can serve dual purpose for assisting the elderly and those with health conditions for useful purposes and fashion accessories. Commonly used materials for the handles include ivory, silver, wood, glass, and porcelain. Silver ranks among the most popular material types and often are shaped into animal figures or simple round knobs. Wooden handles are most often carved by hand while porcelain handles were formed using molds.

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Many canes sold at pharmacies for medical use are made of lightweight aluminum and can be adjustable for proper height. A cane should come up to the waist and allow for a slight bend at the elbow when resting on it to be the proper height. This provides the most stability for walking with a cane. Hence,whenever one walks holding onto a walking cane often offers great support and care for the body.

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