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Choosing the Perfect Handle for A Walking Cane

Choosing the Perfect Handle for A Walking Cane

Tom Siceloff |

A walking cane becomes a constant accessory to your attire when you start using one. Along with features and comfort, the way it looks and is styled also becomes a prominent factor for choice. Cane materials, design and especially handle structure are commonly considered when picking out the perfect walking cane. Classy Walking Canes has a selection of comfortable and hand-conforming walking sticks with handles that can make an effortless statement anytime, anywhere. Let us help you understand how to pick a suitable handle for yourself!

Comfortable Handles

If you are looking for canes that provide ultimate comfort, derby handles and fritz handles are an ideal pick. The derby style handle is one of the most popular walking cane handles, ergonomically designed for reduced hand fatigue. The fritz handle is designed to offer comfort without causing any pain to hand or fingers, making it a hit with arthritis patients.

Exclusively Designed Handles

Ergonomic handle walking canes are one of the best options for those dealing with carpal tunnel, arthritis and other such conditions, and offer complete conformity with either left or right-hand options. Similarly, palm grip handled walking sticks are specifically made for the left or right hand to offer a custom-like fit for a naturally comfortable grip, conforming to the contour shape of the palm.

Medically Recommended Handles

Offset handles and Orthopedic handle are also excellent options that are typically recommended by doctors. Offset handles distribute the user’s weight along the shaft of the canes, while the soft rubber grip handles allow extra comfort. Quad offset canes are of great help to anyone that has suffered an injury that affects mobility.

Designer Handles   

The favorite, tourist handle walking canes offer the unique hook-handled design which is easy to grip and can be conveniently hooked over your arm when not in use. Another unique style is the knob-handle walking canes, which fits perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand and is available in a variety of statement designs. Although not designed for every-day use, the animal and novelty cane handle collection offer stylish pieces that are perfect for occasions and events.

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